Russian Defense Minister Threatens Use of Cluster Bombs in Response to US Deliveries to Ukraine

news 11-Jul-2023 Usa News

Russian Defense Minister Threatens Use of Cluster Bombs in Response to US Deliveries to Ukraine

Moscow - Russia has threatened to use cluster bombs in response to the delivery of such munitions from the United States to Ukraine. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that Russia possesses cluster bombs that are even more effective than those of the US. While Russia has refrained from using them thus far, Shoigu emphasized that his country would be compelled to deploy "analogous means" if the US proceeded with the prohibited weapon transfer to Ukraine.

Shoigu pointed out that neither the US, Ukraine, nor Russia have joined the international agreement banning cluster munitions. He asserted that the use of these weapons would only prolong the conflict. Since February of last year, Russia has been engaged in an offensive war against Ukraine.

Currently, the Russian armed forces are taking additional precautions to protect against cluster bombs, Shoigu revealed during a visit to an arms factory, as seen in a video released by the Ministry. He further mentioned that the supply of weapons and ammunition to Russian soldiers has been significantly increased.

However, Shoigu contradicted analyses by Western experts and statements from Kiev regarding the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. According to him, the Ukrainian forces have not achieved their objectives at any front of the conflict. In contrast, Ukraine recently reported significant territorial gains, a claim also corroborated by Russian military bloggers, who confirmed Moscow's losses.

Shoigu claimed that not only were the Ukrainian attacks repelled in many areas, but the Russian army also made further advances through counterattacks in the Luhansk region. The head of the Russian private military company Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, had repeatedly accused Shoigu of spreading falsehoods. Once again, Shoigu asserted that vast amounts of Western military equipment had been destroyed, including allegedly 17 Leopard tanks from Germany. However, independent verification of these claims is not possible.

The escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, exacerbated by the potential delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine, have raised concerns about the further intensification of the conflict. The use of cluster bombs, which indiscriminately scatter smaller explosive submunitions over a wide area, poses significant risks to civilians and can cause long-lasting harm to communities even after hostilities cease.

The international community, including countries that have banned the use of cluster munitions under the Convention on Cluster Munitions, should work towards de-escalation and finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. Efforts should focus on diplomatic negotiations, humanitarian aid, and supporting initiatives that aim to protect civilian populations caught in the crossfire.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize dialogue, respect international agreements, and seek peaceful alternatives to prevent further suffering and loss of life in the region.

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