NATO Decision on Ukraine Falls Short of Expectations

news 12-Jul-2023 Europe

A Dissatisfied Guest

For NATO, the decision regarding Ukraine was a delicate act. It was already clear beforehand that it would hardly satisfy Ukraine, which dims the desired summit harmony in Vilnius.

A Heated Debate Over Formulation

The NATO negotiators have been discussing for weeks how to structure the final statement of the summit, not issuing a formal invitation but being able to make it seem like one. Across the board, there is talk of Ukraine having its place in NATO, being a part of it, and invitations being extended, but not today.

A Yes with Conditions

Things will not be as harmonious in Vilnius as envisioned. On Wednesday, President Selenskyj is expected to attend the first meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council. Its establishment is an act of political support, enhancing the relationship, but it falls short of Ukraine's wishes.

The Details Still Need to be Clarified

This is apparently supposed to be done in conjunction with the G7 countries. The exact nature of these commitments, what other weapons deliveries will be made, what intelligence exchange will take place - these are topics that the heads of state and government in Vilnius still have much to discuss.

A Brotherly State Awaits

Meanwhile, Lithuania awaits the runners from Ukraine and wants their "brother state" to join NATO. They support Ukraine - its history is very similar to Lithuania's history, say passers-by.

The memory of Soviet oppression is deeply ingrained. Nearly every second window in Vilnius is adorned with a Ukrainian flag.

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