"Cuba Protests Presence of US Nuclear Submarine at Guantanamo Bay"

news 12-Jul-2023 Usa News

Cuba Protests Against US Nuclear Submarine

According to Cuban reports, a nuclear-powered submarine was recently present at the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay. The government in Havana has described this as a "provocative escalation."

Cuba Protests Presence of US Nuclear Submarine

The United States is said to have stationed a nuclear-powered submarine at their naval base in Guantanamo Bay on the eastern coast of Cuba, according to the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In a statement, it was mentioned that the submarine was present at the US naval base from July 5th to 8th.

This action is seen as a "provocative escalation" by the United States, with "unknown political and strategic motives," warned the ministry. They also raised concerns about the "danger of presence" of US military nuclear submarines in the nearby Caribbean region.

The spokesperson for the US Department of State, Matthew Miller, merely stated that "we continue to fly, sail, and operate our military assets where it's appropriate under international law."

Citing an anonymous US official, the Associated Press reported further details about the submarine's stay in Guantanamo Bay. It was stated that the submarine made a logistics stop and then continued on to participate in the UNITAS exercise, a naval exercise led by the United States involving multiple navies.

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