Russian General Dismissed for Criticizing Military Strategy and Lack of Artillery Defense

news 17-Jul-2023 Asia

Moscow Dismisses Commander after Criticism

A Russian general claims to have been dismissed as a commander for expressing criticism of the military strategy and highlighting the deaths of Russian soldiers due to a lack of artillery defense. Ivan Popov made these statements.


Moscow's military leadership has reportedly dismissed Ivan Popov, the commander of the Russian 58th Army stationed in southern Ukraine, according to his own account.


In a voice message published on the Telegram channel of Russian deputy Andrei Gurulyov, Popov stated that he had informed the military leadership about the situation on the front lines, where he believed that the highest commanders had failed the Russian soldiers. Gurulyov is a former army commander who regularly appears on state television.


"The greatest tragedy of modern warfare," as Popov described it, was the death of Russian soldiers due to Ukrainian artillery. He pointed out that the army lacked suitable systems for defense and reconnaissance.


"I drew attention to the greatest tragedy of modern warfare - the lack of artillery reconnaissance and countermeasures, and the multiple deaths and injuries caused by enemy artillery," Popov said. He had the choice to remain silent or address the issues.


However, his superiors apparently considered him a threat and executed a Defense Ministry order to get rid of him in just one day. Prior to this, other Telegram channels reported that Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov had referred to Popov as a "panic-monger" and replaced him. The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the matter.


Popov's army was fighting in the southern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia. According to military experts, there is widespread dissatisfaction within large parts of the Russian armed forces regarding their own military leadership and its distorted situation reports.

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