Mysterious Object Washes Up on Australian Beach: Likely Part of Indian Rocket Engine

news 26-Jul-2023 World News

Mysterious Object Likely Rocket Engine, Experts Say

The mystery appears to be solved: experts believe that the unknown object washed up on an Australian beach is likely the casing of an Indian rocket engine, according to reports.

For days, experts in Australia have been puzzled over the origin of a mysterious object that washed up on a remote beach north of Perth. Now, the Australian Space Agency (ASA) believes that it is probably part of a rocket, the agency announced.

"We have determined that the object is most likely the casing of a solid rocket engine," ASA wrote on Twitter. "We are continuing the process of identifying the type of rocket and its origin in collaboration with our global partners," the tweet further stated. Solid rocket engines are used in aerospace for both military and civilian purposes as a means of propulsion.

Andrea Boyd, an engineer with the European Space Agency, said that her colleagues suspected that the object, which washed ashore from the ocean, came from an Indian rocket and likely fell off during the launch of a satellite.

"Based on the shape and size, we are fairly confident that it is an upper stage of an engine from an Indian rocket that is used for various missions," Boyd told Australian broadcaster ABC.

She added that the responsibility for disposing of the object lies with the party that launched it into space. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has not yet responded to requests for comment. Meanwhile, the Australian police have been coordinating the removal and temporary storage of the object.

Previously, there was days of speculation about the cylindrical object

The cylinder-shaped canister made of carbon fiber material is nearly three meters tall and 2.5 meters wide. It was discovered on Sunday on the beach in Green Head.

Initially, it was completely unclear what the object was. After a thorough examination, authorities announced that the object was safe and posed no threat to people. However, residents were advised to stay away from the gold-colored shimmering object.

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