"Hunter Biden Court Deal Put on Hold Amid Controversy"

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"No Deal for Hunter Biden in Court, Judge Puts Agreement on Hold"

Description: The highly anticipated court hearing of President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, in Delaware has ended without a resolution. Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected the agreement that 53-year-old Hunter Biden and the prosecution had reached to settle charges of tax evasion and illegal possession of firearms. Instead, the judge demanded changes, as reported by CNN and NBC.

Both parties will have to return to court at a later date. The US Justice Department charged Hunter Biden in June after years of investigation, alleging tax offenses in two cases. According to the prosecution, his taxable income in 2017 and 2018 amounted to approximately 1.37 million euros. However, he failed to timely pay the federal income tax of over $100,000 in each of those years.

Additionally, he faced accusations of violating firearms regulations, having unlawfully possessed a firearm in 2018.

A Likely Guilty Plea, But Deal on Hold

In June, the prosecuting authorities stated that Hunter Biden intended to plead guilty to the tax charges and agree to a second deal concerning the illegal possession of firearms. This would result in a two-year probation without imprisonment. However, the deal requires court approval, which Hunter Biden did not receive—at least not yet. As a result, he also pleaded not guilty to the tax offenses.

Judge Noreika raised objections and concerns about several sections of the agreement, according to US media reports. She found the two intertwined agreements confusing and withheld her approval for the time being. However, she gave the prosecution and the defense 30 days to provide explanations as to why the deal should be approved.

The prosecution stated that without the agreement, the investigation against the President's son would continue. Firearms Possession Amidst Drug Issues

Judge Noreika, who was appointed during Donald Trump's presidency, was troubled by the wording of the agreement concerning firearms possession, a legally weightier accusation. Additionally, during the hearing, questions arose about whether Hunter Biden would be shielded from future charges.

In 2018, despite his well-known drug problems, Hunter Biden possessed a firearm for eleven days. He concealed his drug addiction during the purchase, which is a crime in the US, carrying a maximum sentence of ten years. However, the agreement with Biden stipulated that he would have to comply with certain conditions, and the charge would be completely expunged from his record. Biden had publicly disclosed his long-standing struggle with drug addiction in a book.

Republicans Accuse Two-Tier Justice System

The situation is politically sensitive. Hunter Biden has been the target of political attacks from Republicans for years, particularly from former President Donald Trump, who accused him of corruption related to business dealings in Ukraine and China. Congress is also investigating these allegations.

Numerous other Republicans have criticized the preferential treatment they believe the President's son is receiving, while Trump is facing court cases on multiple accusations. Charges have been filed against him in New York and Florida over various allegations in recent months. Trump faces trials in both cases, as well as a possible third indictment. Several Republicans complain that there is a two-tier justice system in the US, with Trump being treated harshly, unlike the accused President's son.

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