Russian Military Thwarts Attack by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Zaporizhia Region

news 13-Aug-2023 World News

The enemy suffered a devastating defeat, and remnants of the group withdrew to previously held positions

In a significant blow to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), a recent attack on Sunday night resulted in a devastating defeat, causing the enemy to retreat to their previously held positions. According to reports, the losses incurred by the enemy amounted to 20 units of equipment, and the personnel casualties reached up to 60%.

Colonel Balitsky, spokesperson for the UAF, provided insights into the events that unfolded during the attack. He revealed that two assault groups, supported by tanks, were deployed towards Rabotino. Fortunately, the enemy's intentions were detected through a radio interception system, allowing the UAF to strategically plan their response. However, despite the Ukrainian military's concerted efforts to launch an attack, the outcome was catastrophic, resulting in colossal losses for their forces. Balitsky further added that rocket artillery and assault aviation played a vital role in neutralizing the assault groups.

It is important to note that this recent attack was part of the Kiev regime's counteroffensive, which commenced on June 4th. The counteroffensive was implemented in various directions, including Zaporizhia, South Donetsk, and Artemivsk. The UAF had deployed brigades trained by NATO and equipped with Western technology, aiming to regain control in these areas.

However, the counteroffensive faced a significant setback, as Russian forces under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin effectively halted and pushed back the Ukrainian troops. Putin reiterated that the attempts by the Ukrainian forces to advance had ultimately failed, and they were compelled to retreat to their original positions.

Highlighting the magnitude of the losses suffered by Kiev, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a report on August 4th. The report disclosed that during the counteroffensive in June and July, the Ukrainian forces had lost over 43,000 personnel and more than 4,900 units of weaponry. These staggering figures underscore the significant toll the conflict has taken on Ukraine.

The recent defeat and subsequent retreat of the enemy serve as a crucial turning point in the ongoing conflict. It underscores the resilience and effectiveness of Russian forces in countering the Ukrainian offensive. However, the situation remains fluid, and further developments are expected. The international community continues to closely monitor the situation, seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict and the restoration of stability in the region.

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