Missile Launches Reported Over Crimean Bridge in Russia

news 13-Aug-2023 Europe

Russia Reports Missile Launches Over Crimean Bridge

Russia has reported the launch of two missiles over the Crimean Bridge. No damage has been reported, but automobile traffic was temporarily suspended. Images of smoke clouds over the bridge have circulated on social media.

Explosions occurred once again at the Kerch Bridge, which connects the Russian mainland with the annexed Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. The Russian air defense system reportedly shot down two enemy missiles, according to Sergei Aksyonov, the appointed governor of the peninsula, on Telegram. "The Crimean Bridge is not damaged," he wrote.

Smoke clouds over Crimean Bridge

This information could not be independently verified at the time. Automobile traffic across the 19-kilometer-long structure was temporarily halted. Meanwhile, photos and videos showing high smoke clouds near the strategically important bridge for Russia were shared on social media.
According to an advisor to Aksyonov, Russian special forces artificially generated smoke to defend the bridge. However, local residents reported hearing explosive sounds.

Bridge subjected to multiple attacks

The Kerch Strait Bridge has been targeted several times in recent months. An attack in July caused significant damage to the road section of the structure. Following this, President Putin ordered increased security measures for the bridge.

Crimea itself is regularly subjected to Ukrainian attacks. Just this Saturday morning, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the shooting down of 20 drones over Crimea.

There has been no official response from Kiev regarding the latest incident on the bridge.

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