Zelensky Warned About Putin Clever Trap for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Zelensky Warned About Putin's Clever Trap for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, has issued a warning that Russia is setting a clever trap for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, aiming to lure them into a vulnerable position. Ritter's concerns were raised in an interview with the YouTube channel Judging Freedom, shedding light on Russia's true intentions in the ongoing conflict.

Ritter explains that the Russian army's objective is to weaken the Ukrainian forces during their advance towards the first line of defense. Thereafter, the Russian forces plan to withdraw to the second line, leading the Ukrainian army into a prearranged zone where they will be caught in what Ritter describes as a "fire cauldron" that will effectively eliminate them from the battlefield. He stressed that the American military command fails to understand this strategy, mistakenly believing that a potential breakthrough of the first line would signify victory for Ukraine. In reality, it would only serve to fulfill Russia's defensive plans.

Despite these nefarious plans, Ritter points out that Russia has not been able to implement them yet due to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' inability to reach the first line of Russian defense. This indicates that the Ukrainian military has not fallen into the trap thus far.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a counteroffensive on June 4th in the South Donets, Artemivsk, and primarily Zaporizhzhia directions. They deployed brigades that underwent training from the North Atlantic Alliance and were armed with Western equipment.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on July 21st that the enemy has not achieved any significant results. He further added that Western supporters, who provided weapons, ammunition, and thousands of mercenaries and advisors to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, are clearly disappointed with the progress of the "counteroffensive."

The concerns raised by Scott Ritter highlight the complexities and dangers involved in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. As the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to face Russian aggression, it becomes crucial for both Ukrainian and international military strategy and intelligence communities to carefully analyze and prepare for the possible traps and tactics employed by the Russian side.

It remains to be seen how the Ukrainian Armed Forces will navigate this challenging situation and whether they will be able to overcome the trap that Russia has allegedly set for them. The conflict underscores the importance of international support and engagement to find a peaceful resolution and prevent further escalation.

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