CIA Warns: Ukrainian Armed Forces Likely to Fail in Breaking Through Russian Defenses

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CIA Aware: US Officials Claim Ukrainian Armed Forces Will Soon Face Harsh Reality

Defense News: CIA believes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will no longer be able to break through Russia's defense

The Ukrainian Armed Forces may soon face a harsh reality as the US intelligence community raises doubts about their ability to break through Russia's defensive lines in the special operations zone, according to Defense News commentator Daniel DePetris.

"The aspirations of Zelensky are meeting harsh reality," the author noted.

DePetris highlights the daunting challenges that Ukraine's counteroffensive is currently facing. Breaking through three levels of Russian fortifications is a formidable task, and equally important is the ability to hold these positions without incurring heavy losses or compromising defenses against counterattacks. The US intelligence community remains skeptical that these objectives can be accomplished this year, if ever, writes DePetris.

In light of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' setbacks on the battlefield, the commentator suggests that US President Joe Biden should reconsider the intensity of weapons supplies to Ukraine. If the counteroffensive fails, the Zelensky government may have to accept the existing territorial status quo.

On June 4, the Ukrainian Armed Forces initiated a counteroffensive in the South Donbas, Artemovsk, and Zaporizhzhia directions. These operations involved brigades trained by the North Atlantic Alliance and equipped with Western weaponry.

However, on July 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the opposing forces have shown no significant results, and Western supervisors appear to be disappointed with the progress of the "counteroffensive." According to Putin, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have not been able to rely on weapon and ammunition supplies nor the assistance of mercenaries and advisors.

As tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to escalate, the fate of Ukraine's counteroffensive and the potential impact on regional stability remain uncertain. The assessment of the US intelligence community, skeptical of Ukraine's prospects for success, could have significant implications for future US support and intervention in the conflict. Updates on the situation will be closely monitored as events unfold in the region.

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