Ammon Bundy Claims Divine Intervention: Defies Plans to Flee Idaho, Attends Arraignment

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Ammon Bundy: God Told Me to Go to My Arraignment

Militia leader Ammon Bundy defies plans to leave Idaho and claims that he was divinely instructed to show up for his arraignment. The controversial figure, known for his involvement in armed standoffs, is facing multiple lawsuits from St. Luke's Health System regarding allegations of defamation and hiding assets. As his legal troubles mount, Bundy's decision to heed the divine guidance raises questions about the role of faith in his actions.

Ammon Bundy, the well-known right-wing activist and leader of the People's Rights network (PRN), was facing potential arrest if he failed to appear at his arraignment on Tuesday. The arraignment was related to contempt charges, for which he was arrested earlier this month. However, in the lead-up to the court date, Bundy hinted at the possibility of fleeing Idaho in order to protect his assets from being seized.

In a series of public posts, Bundy revealed that he was engaged in a spiritual dialogue with God to determine the best course of action. He pondered whether to abandon everything and start anew, endure the legal process with limited resources, or rally his supporters for physical defense against perceived infringements on liberty and property rights. Expressing uncertainty about God's will, Bundy left it undecided as to whether he would attend the hearing.

Contrary to expectations, Bundy did not appear at the Monday court session. Nevertheless, the situation took an unexpected turn when Bundy claimed to have received a "very clear understanding" from God, compelling him to stay and fight rather than relocate. He promptly announced that he and his family had canceled their plans to move to another state.

Furthermore, PRN members orchestrated protests outside the courthouse, the offices of St. Luke's legal team, and the residence of a former judge involved in the case. Flyers attacking the ex-judge were reportedly circulated in the judge's neighborhood. These actions raise concerns about potential intimidation tactics employed by Bundy's supporters.

At the actual arraignment, Bundy chose to represent himself and requested the court to read his documents aloud, which extended the proceedings for approximately half an hour. The court subsequently scheduled his contempt trial for October 2nd but strongly advised him to seek legal representation for a fair trial.

The judge warned Bundy against representing himself, stating that it would put him at a disadvantage. However, the final decision on legal representation will be made closer to the trial date.

Ammon Bundy's reliance on divine intervention during his ongoing legal battle highlights the complex intersection of faith and activism. The unfolding saga continues to captivate attention, with many watching to see how Bundy's defense strategy and the involvement of PRN members may influence the outcomes of the impending trials.

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