NATO Secretary-General Optimistic about Sweden Membership Ratification

news 07-Sep-2023 World News

NATO Secretary-General Hopes for Progress on Sweden's Membership Application

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his hope for progress regarding the ratification of Sweden's membership application by Turkey after the resumption of parliamentary sessions in Turkey this autumn.

Stoltenberg participated in a meeting with the European Parliament's Committees on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Security.

"I hope that when the Turkish parliament resumes its sessions later this autumn, the ratification of Sweden's membership will occur as soon as possible," he stated.

Sweden has been seeking membership in NATO, and Turkey's ratification is a crucial step in the process. The resumption of parliamentary sessions in Turkey is seen as an opportunity to advance discussions and decisions on Sweden's membership.

Stoltenberg emphasized the importance of expanding NATO's membership and strengthening the alliance. "NATO is open to all European democracies that share our values and are willing to contribute to our collective defense," he added.

Sweden's potential membership in NATO has been a topic of debate and discussion, both domestically and internationally. Supporters argue that it would enhance Sweden's security and provide a platform for closer cooperation with NATO member states. However, there are also concerns about the implications for Sweden's longstanding policy of military non-alignment.

As the process moves forward, the focus will be on the Turkish parliament's deliberations and the eventual decision on Sweden's membership application. The outcome will have significant implications for both Sweden and the NATO alliance as a whole.

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