Pentagon Fails to Conduct Hypersonic Technology Test

news 07-Sep-2023 World News

Pentagon Unable to Conduct Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Test

On Wednesday, the Pentagon was unable to conduct a test of its hypersonic technology demonstrator following the preflight inspection, according to Bloomberg, citing a statement from the agency. "The agency had planned to conduct the test at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport in Florida to inform about the development of hypersonic technologies, but the test did not take place as a result of the preflight inspections," the Pentagon statement said. It is noted that the test was for long-range hypersonic weapons. The statement does not specify the reason for the cancellation of the test. However, it is clarified that even without it, the agency was able to "successfully gather data on the operation of ground equipment and software." Meanwhile, Russia has already been using hypersonic missiles in a special military operation.

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