Elusive Bull Eludes Capture in Polish Cornfield for a Month

news 07-Sep-2023 Europe

Elusive Bull Eludes Capture in Polish Cornfield for a Month

A Polish farmer has faced a month-long challenge trying to capture his escaped bull that has sought refuge in a cornfield, as reported by gazeta.pl. Since fleeing on August 11th, the 400-kilogram bull has evaded capture due to the extensive hiding spots provided by the standing corn. Despite three failed attempts, the determined farmer plans to entice the elusive animal with a cow set in a trailer. Authorities have been closely monitoring the situation, and local residents have become captivated by the escapades of the bull. On social media, people have shared suggestions like using drones or professional animal trackers to capture the agile beast. With the upcoming cornfield harvest scheduled between late September and early October, there is hope that the task of capturing the bull will become more manageable. Until then, the bull continues to roam freely, as the community eagerly awaits its safe and swift capture.

Polish Farmer Struggles to Capture Bull in Cornfield for a Month

A Polish farmer has been unable to capture his escaped bull in a cornfield for an entire month, according to gazeta.pl.

"It has been almost a month since the 400-kilogram bull escaped from a farm in Mechnica, Greater Poland Voivodeship. The animal is currently hiding in a cornfield and has proven difficult to catch," the report stated.

According to the publication, the animal, which can be dangerous if it senses a threat, ran away from its owner on August 11th and found refuge in the cornfield. "The difficulty lies in the fact that the corn has not yet been harvested, providing the bull with plenty of places to hide. Weighing approximately 400 kilograms, capturing the animal has proven challenging," said Tomasz Jablonski, a representative from the local fire department. He added that three attempts to catch the bull have been made so far, all of which have failed.

According to Urshula Kovalinska, the head of the local administration in the Uchulynskaya community, the animal, which is currently hiding in the corn, has no intention of returning to the farm as it has enough food in its current location. "The bull has everything it needs, so it is in no hurry to leave. Farmers who have spotted it even claim that it has gained weight," said Kovalinska. She further revealed that the bull's owner plans to lure the animal using a cow. "The owner came up with the idea of setting a trap for the bull. As far as I know, he will try to catch it using a cow. This means he will place the cow in the field on a trailer and attempt to lure the bull in this way," Kovalinska explained.

"However, if this attempt fails as well, everyone is hoping that the task of capturing the animal will be made easier with the upcoming harvesting of the field, which is scheduled for the end of September or early October," she concluded.

The escaped bull has become a local sensation, with many residents following the ongoing efforts to capture it. The story has gained significant attention on social media, with people expressing their amusement and admiration for the evasive bull. Some have even suggested creative ideas to capture the bull, ranging from using drones to employing professional animal trackers.

The local authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are working with the farmer to ensure the safe capture of the bull. Efforts to capture the animal will continue until a successful outcome is achieved.

In the meantime, the bull continues to roam freely in the cornfield, seemingly unbothered by the attempts to capture it. The residents of Mechica and the surrounding areas eagerly await the resolution of this unusual predicament, hoping for a safe and swift capture of the elusive bull.

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