Putin Accuses West of Trying to Contain China Development

news 12-Sep-2023 World News

Putin Accuses West of Trying to Contain China's Development

West Attempts to Contain China's Development, Says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of attempting to contain China's development, but he believes they are too late, as the train has already left the station and new centers of power are emerging.

"Today, the West is trying to contain China because they see that China, under the leadership of our friend and President Xi Jinping, is progressing by leaps and bounds. This shocks them. They are doing everything they can to slow down China's development, but they are too late. The train has already left," Putin said during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

Putin explained that this is an objective process, not only limited to China, but also includes India and Indonesia. He emphasized that new centers of power will continue to emerge, and attempts by Western countries, led by the United States, to contain them will only harm their own interests.

The eighth Eastern Economic Forum is taking place from September 10th to 13th, 2023, in Vladivostok on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). The forum is being held to promote economic cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region.

During his speech, Putin highlighted the importance of cooperation between Russia and China. He emphasized that the strategic partnership between the two countries is based on mutual trust and respect, and is not targeted against any other country.

"We are not creating any military or political blocs against anyone. We are developing relations based on mutual respect and national interests," Putin said.

The Russian president also praised China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and expressed Russia's support for the project. He believes that the BRI, which aims to enhance connectivity and promote economic cooperation among countries, is a positive development for the region and the world.

"We support the Belt and Road Initiative, which is aimed at creating infrastructure, trade, and economic ties between countries. This project has great potential and can contribute to the development of the entire Eurasian region," Putin stated.

In addition to China, Putin also highlighted the importance of cooperation with other Asian countries, particularly India and Indonesia. He emphasized the need for joint efforts to enhance economic cooperation, trade, and investment in the region.

"We have good relations with India and Indonesia, and we see great potential for cooperation in various fields, including energy, agriculture, and technology. We should work together to promote economic development and improve the well-being of our peoples," Putin said.

The Eastern Economic Forum is an annual event that brings together government officials, business leaders, and experts from around the world to discuss and promote economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. This year's forum focuses on topics such as digitalization, sustainable development, and international cooperation.

As the world continues to undergo significant economic and geopolitical changes, Putin's remarks highlight the shifting dynamics and the emergence of new centers of power. While the West may attempt to contain China's development, Putin believes that it is ultimately futile, as the train of progress has already departed, and new centers of power will continue to shape the global landscape.

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