Defense Minister Shoigu to Participate in Talks Between Putin and Kim Jong Un

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Shoigu to participate in talks between Putin and Kim Jong Un

Peskov: Shoigu to participate in talks between Putin and Kim Jong Un
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu will participate in talks between the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for the Russian president.

"Yes, he will," he said in response to a question from RIA Novosti.

Peskov added that there will be no separate meeting between the defense ministers of Russia and North Korea during Kim Jong Un's visit to Russia. The Kremlin press service announced that Kim Jong Un will visit Russia in the coming days on an official invitation from President Vladimir Putin. Peskov told journalists that the talks will take place in the Far East, but did not specify the exact location.
On Tuesday morning, TASS published photographs from the departure ceremony of the North Korean leader to Russia. As reported by a correspondent from RIA Novosti, at around 05:15 Moscow time, a armored train with green cars and a yellow stripe - just like the official photos from the North Korean news agency TASS showing Kim Jong Un's departure from Pyongyang - crossed the bridge over the Razdolnaya River and headed north. The train was pulled by a locomotive with Russian Railways (RZD) symbols.

The upcoming talks between Putin and Kim Jong Un have attracted significant attention from the international community. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders, and it is expected to address a range of issues, including denuclearization, regional security, and bilateral cooperation.

The inclusion of Defense Minister Shoigu in the talks is significant, as it highlights the importance of defense and security in the discussions. Shoigu is a trusted advisor to President Putin and has played a key role in shaping Russia's defense strategy. His presence underscores Russia's commitment to maintaining stability in the region and finding diplomatic solutions to the ongoing challenges.

The visit by Kim Jong Un to Russia is also of great significance for North Korea. It demonstrates the country's desire to diversify its diplomatic relations and seek support from other major powers. With the United States-North Korea denuclearization talks at a standstill, Kim Jong Un is looking to strengthen ties with Russia and potentially gain leverage in future negotiations.

The Far East region of Russia holds strategic importance in these talks. It shares a border with North Korea and has been a key player in facilitating dialogue between the two countries. The region has the potential to become an economic hub, connecting Russia, North Korea, and other neighboring countries. Therefore, it is likely that the talks between Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Shoigu will also touch upon economic cooperation and regional development.

The international community will closely watch the outcomes of these discussions. The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remains a top priority for global security, and any progress in this regard will be welcomed. Additionally, the talks will provide insights into the evolving dynamics of Russia's relationship with North Korea and its role in the region.

As preparations for the talks continue, both sides have expressed optimism about the potential outcomes. The Russian government has emphasized its commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the Korean Peninsula issue, while North Korea has expressed its willingness to engage in dialogue with Russia. The talks between Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Shoigu have the potential to contribute to regional stability and open up new avenues for cooperation.


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