Kim Jong-un Special Plane En Route to Vladivostok for Talks with President Putin

news 12-Sep-2023 Asia

Kim Jong-un's Special Plane En Route to Vladivostok for Talks with Putin

Seoul/Vladivostok, September 12 - As North Korean State Affairs Commission Chairman Kim Jong-un embarked on his journey to Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin, his special plane has been spotted en route to Vladivostok from Pyongyang, according to local reports.

The tracking website "Flightradar24" revealed that North Korean carrier Air Koryo's JS621 flight took off from the Sunan Airport in Pyongyang at approximately 6:57 AM local time. The flight is headed for Vladivostok. The AN-148 aircraft produced by Ukraine's Antonov company is frequently used as Kim Jong-un's special plane. It is speculated that the aircraft may be carrying personnel responsible for supporting the North Korean side in the upcoming talks between Kim and Putin.

The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin holds significant importance as it marks a crucial moment for both countries. This is Kim's first international visit in over four years, as well as his first since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It underscores the efforts being made by North Korea to establish diplomatic relations and consolidate regional partnerships.

During the summit, the two leaders are expected to discuss various topics of mutual interest, with a particular focus on arms trade and the complex geopolitical situation surrounding Russia's conflict with Ukraine. North Korea has a long-standing history of providing weapons to other nations, and the talks could potentially include negotiations on such matters. In return, Russia may offer assistance and supplies, particularly in the form of food and materials, to help North Korea combat its ongoing economic challenges.

The meeting between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin also comes at a critical time for the international community's efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Both Russia and North Korea are part of the Six-Party Talks aimed at denuclearization, which also include China, the United States, South Korea, and Japan. Discussions regarding the denuclearization process and the potential for multilateral cooperation to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region are expected to be on the agenda.

The choice of Vladivostok as the location for the summit is unsurprising, given its geographical proximity to North Korea and its historical significance as a meeting point for regional leaders. Putin has previously hosted other world leaders in Vladivostok, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, further emphasizing the city's importance as a diplomatic hub in Northeast Asia.

The international community will closely monitor the outcomes of the Kim-Putin summit, as any potential agreements or developments arising from their discussions can have far-reaching implications for regional security and stability. The meeting represents an opportunity for North Korea and Russia to strengthen their ties and potentially impact the dynamics of the Korean Peninsula and the broader region.

As the anticipation builds, all eyes now turn to Vladivostok, where Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are set to hold their high-stakes talks. The world awaits the outcome of this important meeting, hopeful for progress in achieving peace, stability, and greater cooperation in Northeast Asia.

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